Wet/Dry Vacuuming

At HydroVac, we specialize in providing the right wet/dry vacuuming equipment at the right time to meet our customers’ day-to-day industrial vacuuming needs.

Wet Dry Vacuum Truck Services
With a large fleet of mobile, late model power vacuum units, we are able to provide cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly collection of liquid and dry materials. This flexibility allows us to provide our customers with full-service solutions to both their day-to-day and project-based industrial vacuuming needs.

We specialize in all manner of spill cleanup, and our fleet collects and disposes of an extensive range of both liquid and dry waste materials, including:

• Oil
• Contaminated waters
• Septic
• Sludge
• Iron ore pellets
• Coal
• Cement & cement dust
• Flour
• Corn
• Sand

Contact a member of the HydroVac team today to find out more information about our wet/dry vacuuming services.