Our Equipment

HydroVac Industrial and Marine Services employs the industry’s most advanced equipment and trained personnel to provide practical solutions for all types of industrial cleaning and environmental challenges.

HydroVac strives to be an industry leader; investing in our fleet and ensuring that our team has access to the best equipment for industrial cleaning and waste transportation.

Because our focus is on investment, HydroVac is efficient in providing routine daily maintenance, emergency, and plant turnaround services. With HydroVac, you can be sure your industrial and marine service challenges will be managed safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

A division of Envirosystems Inc., we heavily invest in maintenance, innovation and advanced technologies on an annual basis to ensure our customers have the best equipment working on all projects.

We look for ways to deploy our equipment as part of streamlined programs that are environmentally responsible and cost-effective. We place a heavy emphasis on scientific research, advanced technology, and multidisciplinary teamwork to find innovative solutions for our customers and the environment.

Wet Vacuum Trucks

HydroVac’s late model fleet of Wet Vacuum Trucks are designed and constructed to D.O.T. specifications allowing safe in-plant as well as over the road transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid loads [...]

Hot Wash Units

Our hot wash units are typically used for industrial and commercial applications of less than 5,000 PSI. Capable of providing high quality and highly efficient general cleaning applications for many different industries, the key benefits [...]

High Pressure Water Units

Our base fleet of mobile high pressure water units is capable of operating up to 10,000 PSI at 25 GPM. Should you have a specialized application requiring higher pressures for cutting purposes, we are able to accommodate your requirements with “Ultr [...]

Wet/Dry Vacuum Trucks

Our modern fleet of mobile wet/dry vacuum trucks are versatile and efficient units fully equipped to handle both liquid and solid materials capable of operating up to 6,400 CFM and 27”mg.