Health & Safety

At Hydro Vac Industrial and Marine Services, we are relentlessly committed to health and safety.

HydroVac Health & Safety
A division of Envirosystems Inc., we have worked alongside our fellow divisions from coast to coast across North America to develop a world class health and safety management system and create a strong culture of safety.

Starting with pre-job planning and continuing through to eventual job execution and debriefing, an internal responsibility system is deeply instilled at all levels across our company. We believe no project possesses more value than the wellbeing of an individual.

We track and measure our safety performance against a number of industry benchmarks and are always striving for continuous improvement throughout our operations. Our goal is to lead the industrial services industry with health and safety practices that reflect the stringent realities of today’s workplace. The key elements of the Hydro Vac and Envirosystems health and safety management system include:

• Management Involvement & Commitment;
• Operational and Safety Training;
• Safe Work Practices;
• Hazard Identification and Corrective Actions;
• Risk Management;
• Safety Meetings and Communications;
• Employee Involvement and Recognition; and
• Health and Safety Audits

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