About Us

HydroVac Industrial and Marine Services provides industrial and waste management services to heavy industry, marine, manufacturing, power generation, resource, government, and food processing market sectors in Southern Ontario and the Niagara Peninsula.

HydroVac has a modern fleet of advanced mobile equipment and trained manpower capable of responding to plant emergencies, daily maintenance, and scheduled outages.

Whether it’s an accidental spill, routine housekeeping, heavy de-scaling, tank cleaning, de-greasing, pressure testing, de-commissioning, or hazardous waste transportation and disposal, it will be managed safely, efficiently, and cost effectively, utilizing the latest technologies and safe work practices.

Strategically located in Hamilton, Ontario we serve customers throughout Southern Ontario and the Niagara Peninsula.

HydroVac Industrial and Marine Services joined the Envirosystems family in 2006.

As a division of Envirosystems Inc., a multi-faceted industrial services company, HydroVac can bring a wide array of disciplines to the table, including high pressure water cleaning and de-scaling, wet and dry vacuum services, waste transportation and disposal, hot wash, hydro-excavation, ultra-high pressure and cold cutting, dredging, catalyst services, and more.